Our Team

With passionate and knowledgeable members, the team at MTM One Group is driven by a shared vision of establishing a thriving, effective and long term relationship with our clients; base on honesty, integrity, and community. Our collective experience and diverse backgrounds enable us to approach opportunities from different perspectives, fostering innovation and adaptability.

Realtor Partner

Thalia McClendon - Real Estate Expert

As a managing partner of MTM One Group, Thalia brings extensive experience and knowledge acquired from the Real Estate industry. As a successful realtor, Thalia possess an evoling understanding of the market dynamics and trends. Thalia's expertise enables the team to navigate complex real estate transactions with confidence. Her experience has thought her adaptability in seizing opportunities, and devising innovative solutions.

IT Partner

Majestic Johhnson - Investment Security Expert

With over a decade of top rated professionalism in the commercial and consumer security industry, Majestic's expertise lies in assessing the security aspects of potential investment properties; ensuring that tenants and owners have peace of mind. Majestic's specialization adds value to the group's portfolio, attracting tenants and investors who prioritize security and boldness.

Security Partner

Mike Saintelmy - Administrative Expert

Mike is an integral part of MTM One Group, leveraging his background as an IT Systems Administrator to optimize operational efficiency and streamline processes. With his technical prowess, MTM One group can ensure that the team utilizes cutting-edge technology to analyze market data, assess investment opportunities, and manage properties effectively. Mike's dedication to leveraging IT solutions ensures that MTM One Group stays at the forefront of technological advancements in the Real Estate investment industry.